Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Redding, California

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Attorney, Redding CABankruptcy is a legal solution for overwhelming financial troubles. Both individuals and businesses are able to file for bankruptcy. However, there are different types of bankruptcy that apply to different situations. Chapter 13 is a reorganization bankruptcy that enables an individual to organize consumer debts into more manageable payments. When you need a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Redding, look no further than the Law Office of Cowan and Brady. We specialize in bankruptcy law and we’re prepared to help both debtors and creditors.

About Our Law Office

At Cowan and Brady, we’re adept at helping people who are either going through financial problems or dealing with a debtor who filed bankruptcy. David M. Brady is exceptionally qualified as a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. He began his law career in 1976. With almost 40 years of experience, he has built a strong knowledge of the legal system. He maintains professional memberships in the American Bankruptcy Institute and the Sacramento Bankruptcy Forum. This aids him with staying on top of both local and national developments in bankruptcy law.

About Chapter 13

A chapter 13 bankruptcy is also referred to as a wage earner’s plan. It’s an excellent alternative to chapter 7 and chapter 11 because it enables the individual or small business owner to keep assets while paying off debts through a repayment plan. This plan generally lasts for three to five years and requires the filer to have an income. Under chapter 13, you will be responsible to pay a ratio of your debts, depending on your income. After the three or five-year period of payments, remaining unsecured debts get discharged. However, certain debts—such as taxes, domestic support obligations, and student loans—cannot be discharged.

If you’re in financial trouble, consider getting a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Redding that can help you to move from financial stress to financial solvency. Call the Law Office of Cowan and Brady to find out what we can do for you.