Knowledge and experience working for you!

Since bankruptcy is one of the most complex areas of the law, creditors who are owed money by people or businesses filing bankruptcy cases often need extensive legal assistance to get paid at least a part of what is owed. Creditors who act on their own are often ineffective in enforcing their claims or may also make serious mistakes or even violate the law, getting them into significant trouble.
Because of our many years of training, experience and knowledge in bankruptcy matters and also in nearly all areas of the law, the Law Office of Cowan & Brady can provide timely and skilled assistance to creditors at a cost that is affordable. This includes filing proofs of claims with the bankruptcy court, negotiating with debtors, trustees, and other creditors, and filling motions in the bankruptcy court to lift the automatic stay injunction to allow creditors to proceed with foreclosures, repossessions, and lawsuits.

Law Office of Cowan & Brady is also skilled in filing lawsuits in the bankruptcy court to stop the bankrupting debtor from discharging the particular creditor’s claim against the debtor where the debt was incurred through fraud, theft, or other criminal or quasi-criminal activities of the debtor. Such lawsuits sometimes even block the debtor from being able to get a discharge of any of the debts by proving that the debtor hid assets, did not perform his or her duties as a bankruptcy debtor, or lied to the court or bankruptcy trustee, or for other appropriate reasons.